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SYBERIA: THE WORLD BEFORE (Original Game Soundtrack)

SYBERIA: THE WORLD BEFORE (Original Game Soundtrack)

Published by Decca Records, under exclusive licence of Microids Records 

Decca Records is proud to present the original soundtrack to Syberia: The World Before, the 4th installment in the cult adventure video game series. This soundtrack stands alone as a stunning and romantic suite for orchestra and solo piano. Featuring intricate, highly melodic orchestral works by Emmy Award-winning composer Inon Zur and GRAMMY-nominated Emily Bear on piano. Included are concept drawings by Benot Sokal. This 2 LP set is pressed on Clear Brown and Clear Aqua Galaxy vinyl.


  • Release Date : January 2022
  • Numebr of Discs : 2 LP
  • Disc Color :  Clear Brown & Clear Aqua Galaxy
  • Disc Weight : 140gr
  • length : 58min
  • Number Of Tracks : 27


01. The Hymn Of Vaghen
02. Forgotten Train
03. Those Lost Days
04. Kate Walker (The World Before Variation)
05. Dreams To Be Broken
06. A Nice Person
07. Rising For Adventure
08. Dana Roze
09. Legacy (Forgotten Memories)
10. Four Iron Legs
11. Two Different Minds
12. The World Before
13. A Quiet Place
14. Leni Renner
15. Resistance
16. Not Just A Living
17. Specimen
18. Leon Kobatis
19. Moonlight Tension
20. Maternal Instinct
21. A Detour She Will Always Regret
22. The Silberspiegel Battle
23. The Devil's Pass
24. Bitter Liberation
25. An End To Everything
26. Olivia Foster
27. Just A Ghost
28. There Will Always Be A Train
29. Shattered Destiny

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