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RELIFE (Original Soundtrack)

RELIFE (Original Soundtrack)

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To miss Kaizaki is 27 years old and unemployed. Indeed, he misses all his interviews and lasted only three months in his last company. One day he meets Ryo Yoake, member of the institute ReLife Research who offers him to be a guinea pig for their latest project; a drug that will allow him to have the appearance of a 17-year-old high school student and to be able to return to high school, within the space of a year.

Thanks to this drug, he will be able to make up for his previous failures in life and therefore have a second chance.

Masayasu Tzboguchi is a composer and music arranger. He composed the music for Cutie Honey, Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt and Lupine Zero.



  • Release date : 21/03/2023
  • Number of discs : 1 LP
  • Color disk : Blue
  • Disc weight: 140gr
  • Duration : 45min 01sec
  • Number of tracks: 14



  1. Let’s ReLIFE 4:14
  2. ReLIFE Lab  3:53
  3. Decision  4:07
  4. Assbuger  1:54
  5. Outline  2:49
  6. Your Pace  2:42
  7. How  2:39
  8. Intimate 2:38
  9. Heaven and Hell 3:30
  10. Somato 3:22
  11. Could This Be 4:06
  12. To Meet You 4:25
  13. Kokoro ni Ame Raining Heart 3:25
  14. Precious 1:17 


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© YayoiSo/Comico/ReLIFE Laboratory All Rights Reserved.

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