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LE VISITEUR DU FUTUR (Original Movie Soundtrack)

LE VISITEUR DU FUTUR (Original Movie Soundtrack)

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2555. In a devastated future, the apocalypse threatens Earth. The last hope lies with a man capable of time travel. His mission: to return to the past and change the course of events. But the temporal brigade, a time police force, tracks him down in every era. Then begins a race against time for the visitor of the future…

The Visitor from the Future, a successful web series and an extended universe!
Before being a film, The Visitor of the Future is a web series created in 2009 by François Descraques and accumulating more than 52 million views on the Internet.

The soundtrack is composed by Jimmy Tillier, who had already worked on 4 seasons of the series and many other audiovisual projects including Dead Landes, FrenchBall, Les Oprateurs, La Fille Accordéon...


Release date: 09/20/23
Number of discs: 1 LP
Disc color: Orange
Disc weight: 140gr
Duration: 48min
Number of tracks: 29


1. Main Theme 00:51
2. Gilbert 01:55
3. Raph's Room 01:28
4. Towards the future 01:06
5. The Central 03:34
6. Gilbert at the Hospital 00:56
7. Gilbert goes to the Reunion 00:44
8. Battle in the Burrow 00:34
9. Internal Change 01:44
10. The Sentence of Constace 00:37
11. To Basile 02:23
12. The Burrow 01:35
13. A Little Break 02:17
14. An Agent Changed 00:35
15. Return to the Present 02:39
16. The Hole 00:56
17. Louise Combat Constance 00:43
18. Temporal Reboot 02:45
19. The Call of the Sun 03:26
20. Why Zombies 01:05
21. Castafolte Explodes 01:05
22. Gilbert Signe 02:15
23. Her name is Alice 00:52
24. Explosion of the Castafole Laboratory 01:23
25. Alley Rescues 02:00
26. The Visitor Fights and the Cloud Arrives 02:58
27. Louise Frees the Prisoners 01:43
28. Raph and Victor 00:45
29. The Last Bar After the End of the World 03:29

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