Created in 2022, Microids Records is a new music label in the industry, part of Microids, a video game company founded in 1985, that was one of the major French publishers of the 80’.

Over the past few years, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Microids has built a solid catalogue of video games for PC and latest generation consoles by working with renowned studios and authors (Pendulo Studios, Eden Games, Paul Cuisset, Charles Cecil, Oddworld Inhabitants,...) and famous licenses (Syberia, Agatha Christie, Grendizer, The Smurfs, Garfield, Tintin, Asterix ...) ensuring it can reach out to a wide audience.

Always at the cutting edge, Microids releases games on the latest Platforms available on the market including Virtual Reality and PS5, Xbox Series X platforms.
Microids is part of the Média Participations group, a recognized leader in print publishing, animation, film and TV production and digital media. It offers content tailored to a variety of audience and age group.
On the production side, Microids Records takes care of all music production for Microids video games. And on the publishing side, the label takes care of digital, physical publishing and catalog management as well as its roster of international artists.

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